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Cycling or MTB Riding

For nature and sports lovers, Sacile is the best place to experience amazing itineraries.

The area features particularly beautiful landscapes with river environment characterized by an exceptionally lush and varied flora and by a fauna which has almost disappeared elsewhere.

From Sacile, or in Sacile, many itineraries can be planned: southwards in the countryside with its historical remains, or northwards at the foot of the mountains, with the springs of the river Livenza, boroughs and castles, and the pile dwellings in Palù di Livenza.

The most skilled riders can venture out to the forest of Cansiglio and Friulian Dolomites to enjoy breath-taking panoramas, ancient paths (sometimes paved), sweet slopes and arduous traits, cottages, pastures and woods. These areas, with their natural attractions, offer panoramic views on the plain below, conveying a magic serenity. On clear days, the panorama stretches to the sea.


In Sacile, from and to Sacile: cycling itineraries

Sacile, a bike tour

This tour on two wheels is perfect for anyone wishing to discover Sacile through the sweetness of its river and countryside landscape, the harmonious lines of the Venetian architecture in the city centre and the historic remains along the way.

Description: Sacile, Topaligo, Vistorta, Cavolano, San Giovanni di Livenza, San Giovanni del Tempio and back

Starting point: Piazza del Popolo SACILE

Destination: Piazza del Popolo SACILE

Travelling distance: 24,19 km

Road type: short traits of cycle path, asphalt for the rest of the tour

Traffic: unimportant, apart from some crossroads

Difficulty: flat route

Bike type: city bike, mtb

Along Livenza riverbanks

From the elegant Venetian architectures to the cradle of power in Western Friuli.

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From Portus Naonis to the Garden of the Serenissima

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A tour among the plain and the river Livenza

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