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Fazioli Pianoforti

Passion for music and scientific skills, the finest workmanship, uninterrupted technological research and careful selection of materials are the fundamental characteristics of a Fazioli piano.

Based in Sacile, Fazioli Pianoforti SpA is among the most important Italian companies of excellence in the sector of grand and concert-grand pianos. Its activity has started in 1981, when engineer and pianist Paolo Fazioli founded the company.

Paolo is one of the six sons of Romano Fazioli. Following his passion and thanks to its intuition, he shaped his own way in the family furniture company and started building a concert piano with sound features that were completely different from what was on the market at the time. He invented a soundboard made with Red Spruce from Val di Fiemme, the same used in Stardivari’s violins. The first steps were not easy, but in spring 1981 the first piano was presented at Frankfurt Musikmesse.

Today, around 130 pianos are produced every year: unique models, with specific characteristics developed during nearly 700 hours of work. Fazioli’s technical crown jewel is model F308, the world’s longest piano. It is shipped all over the world, reaching the most famous theatres and allowing for cooperation with outstanding artists.

The success of Fazioli Pianoforti is also a result of an excellent company team, working with great scientific and artisan skills, mixed with passion, tenacity and commitment to create a unique masterpiece: the piano. The whole building process lasts nearly two years, starting from forming the rim to the finished product: the absolute protagonist is the wood in its various aspects (Canadian maple wood or mahogany for the rim, beech and spruce wood for the structure, walnut, burl, elm or poplar wood for the external finishing, carefully selected red spruce wood for the soundboard, the heart of the piano).

In thirty years, by combining tradition with scientific research, the Fazioli Company has established its pianos among the best in the world, becoming one of the most important brands, standing out for its attention to detail and the sound of its instruments which are among the world’s best pianos.



The Fazioli Concert Hall, opened on 15th April 2005, is an integral part of the new Fazioli piano manufacturing facilities. The acoustical features of the Fazioli Concert Hall make it suitable both for concerts and recordings, while also offering other services. It is the symbol of a company which is devoted not only to supporting its own product, but also to promoting the world of Art and Culture, to which the Fazioli pianos are destined. The Fazioli Concert Hall has 198 seats and its stage can accommodate a chamber orchestra. The Fazioli Concert Hall has been developed to ensure the finest acoustic properties. The devices with which the hall is fitted (acoustic wooden “eyelashes”, wooden or sound-absorbing panels) allow to adjust the sound environment, increasing the resonance or absorption to obtain a perfect acoustic.

Via Ronche, 47, 33077 Sacile PN
Telephone: +39 0434 72026