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Famous personalities

A short list of illustrious inhabitants who stood out worldwide:

Amerigo Del Ben (1380)

Jurisconsult. Ambassador of the community of Sacile and Vicar in Belluno area.

Francesco Pelizza (1400)

Hierosolymite Knight Commander of the Order of Malta, Venetian General.

Francesco Amalteo (1480-1554)

Illustrious scholar, humanist, erudite. He was a Greek and Latin Professor and composed poetry in Latin.

Girolamo da Sacile (born 1500)

Brave and smart Captain of the Venetian army in the war against the Turks, he defended Famagusta with M. Bragadin.

Giacomo da Sacile (dead 1511)

(Mameluk) Man of arms. Kidnapped by the Turks during their raids in 1499, he became one of their leaders thanks to his courage. During the war of the League of Cambrai, he was hired by the Venetians. His remainsrest in Chiesa di Santa Croce in Giudecca (Venice).

Gerolamo (1507-1574), Giovanni Battista (1525-1573), Cornelio Amalteo (1530-1603)

Gerolamo was a Medicine and Philosophy Professor in Padua, Giovanni Battista was a great composer of poetry in Latin, ambassador of the Republic of Venice in London and of Pope Pius IV, Cornelio was anappreciated scholar and poet whoparticipated in drafting the Catechism during the Council of Trent.

Vincenzo Ruffo (Verona, 1510-Sacile, 1587)

Gerolamo (1507-1574) was a Medicine and Philosophy Professor in Padua, Giovanni Battista (1525-1573) was a great composer of poetry in Latin, ambassador of the Republic of Venice in London and of Pope Pius IV, Cornelio (1530 – 1603) was anappreciated scholar and poet whoparticipated in drafting the Catechism during the Council of Trent.

Gian Battista Marangoni da Sacile (dead 1527)

Painter. He worked in Udine in G. Martini’s workshop, then participated in the decoration of Palazzo Ducale in Ferrara.

Giacomo Ragazzoni (1528-1610)

Merchant and ship-ownerin the Republic of Venice, Count and owner of the Feud of San Odoricoand Palazzo Ragazzoni.
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Girolamo Ragazzoni (1536-1592)

Bishop of Bergamo with a remarkable role the council of Trent in 1500.
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Galeotto Carli (1546-1614)

Man of arms, general of the Venetian army and Governor of the new fortressin Corfu.

Mandolino da Sacile (born in Sacile; 16th-17th century)

He abandoned the Jewish faith and converted to Christianism. His history is described by F. Tomizzain his novel “Fugheincrociate” (Crossing escapes) (Milan 1990).

Mario Rossetti (1920 - 1881)

A determined man, committed to the prosperity of the community of Sacile.

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Giacomo Ovio (1669-1741)

Man of arms, captain of venture and commander of the Venetian ground forces.

Giuseppe Antonio Pujatti (1701-1760)

Famous doctor and Professor of Practical Medicine in Padua, he was the first in Italy to study and identify pellagra, an illness. He wrote many books and was also a poet and violinist. His main work, “De victufebricitantiumdissertatio”, made him well-known all over Europe.

Felicita Sartori (1714-1760)

Painter and miniaturist plunged into the major artistic circles of Venice and Dresden, known throughout Europe for the empathy and delicacy of her pastels.

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Giuseppe Linardelli (1764-1801)

Cultured man, appreciated for his studies and erudition.

Fabio Ermacora (dead 1766)

Doctor and poet who wrote tragedies, among which “Tito ManlioTorquato” (Titus Manlius Torquatus).

Eugenio Sartori (1830-1860)

Patriot during Risorgimento, he participated in many campaigns for the Unification of Italy and died during the Expedition of the Thousand.

Luigi Nono (1850 - Sacile 1918)

Famous painter of the end of the 19th-beginning of the 20th century. He spent long periods in Sacile and was among the masters of Venetian landscape painting. He participated to many Biennale exhibitions in Venice and created one of his most significant works in Sacile, where he lived with his brother Urbano, a renowned sculptor.

Giuseppe Lacchin (1857-1929)

First-class protagonist of the industrial history at the beginning of the 20th century.

Raimondo Lacchin (1919 - 2009)

Head of hospital department neuropsychiatrist and partisan commander “Surgeon-Glucor” decorated with the Silver Medal for Military Valor by the city of Sacile, Alexander Diploma and War Cross.

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Giuseppe Ovio (1863-1957)

Parliamentary doctor, OphthalmologyProfessor at the University of Modena and Siena. Senator in 1934, author of many works, he contributed to the publication of the Italian Encyclopaedia.

Count Ezio Bellavitis (1870-1947)

Agriculturalist, industrialist, Mineralogy and Descriptive Geometry Professor, public administrator. He was Professor at theUniversity of Padua and his name is connected to valuable publications, including an edition of Galileo’s manuscripts. He created one of the first sites for the construction of cement works and a modern typography with his son Antonio.

Luigi Gasparotto (1873-1954)

Minister after the First and Second World Wars, founder of Milan Exhibition, lawyer, member of the Constituent Assembly with the Democratic party of work, senator. In 1919 he presented a draft law to extend the right to vote to women. Productive speaker and writer, he published “Il principio di nazionalitànellasociologia e nel dirittointernazionale” (The principle of nationality in sociology and international law) (Turin 1898).

Giuseppe Marchesini (1877-1965)

Council Secretary for many years in Sacile, historian and scholar, he greatly contributed to the development of Sacile by promoting Sagradei Osei all over Italy.

Giovanni Ettore Micheletto (1889-1958)

Important cyclist, he won the Tour of Lombardy (1910), the Tour ofRomagna (1911), the Tour of Italy in 1912 and the first race of Tour de Francein1913.

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Piero della Valentina (1906–1982)

Smart entrepreneur in wood sector.

Giovanni Casagrande (1916 – 1991)

Many-sided personality, Commendatore Giovanni Casagrande embodied entrepreneurial talent, passion for sport and love of culture, qualities that he handed on to Sacile, his city “of adoption”.

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Syria Poletti (1917-1991)

Italian writer,essayist and poet who became a naturalized Argentinian. Her first novel “Genteconmigo”was awarded with PremioInternacionalLosada andPremio Municipal de Buenos Aires, and was also turned into a movie. In her honour, Córdoba hosts Colegio Syria Poletti and Sacile organizes the “International Competition Syria Poletti –On the Wings of Butterflies”.

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Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975)

Italian poet, writer, director, screenwriter, playwriter and journalist, among 20th century’s greatest artists and intellectuals. Sacile inspired the young Pasolini: he lived opposite the Duomo and composed his first verses in that house.

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Piero Poletto (1925-1978)

Set designer, he cooperated with the most important Italian directors, including F.Rosi, V.De Sica, R.Castellani, M.Antonioni, L.Visconti. He also worked for TV and theatre and acted in supporting roles in a few films.

Denis Zanette (1970-2003)

Was an Italian road cyclist. He was a professional between 1995 and 2002, and won two races in the Tour of Italy.

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