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Fishing on Livenza

Fishing in Sacile: enjoying nature near the crystal-clear water of the Livenza.

A holiday in Sacile can turn into an opportunity to live a genuine experience, in silent contact with nature in the deep green of the vegetation mirroring in the waters of Livenza.

Born many centuries ago, leisure fishing is an art which has evolved quickly in terms of philosophy, techniques and tools. Originally aimed at survival, today it is always more and more triggered by the desire to plunge in the environment and be part of it, of living in nature by confronting it.

In this regard, the river Livenza has much to offer: its waters are extremely varied, with river bottoms ranging from rocks, to lush vegetation and mud. Sacile also hosts a significant quantity of fish: graylings, various species of trout, chubs, carps, common rudds and eels. Fishing is a fruitful activity in Sacile.

Fishing is regulated by a specific regional body, Ente Tutela Pesca del FVG, and is allowed starting from 7.00 a.m. of the last Sunday of March until the last Sunday of September. Exceptionally, at the dead lake in Cavolano, fishing is allowed all year round, even though limited to specific species. In the city centre, part of the river is a “no kill zone”, where fishing is allowed only with artificial tools.

The activity is subject to an authorization which can be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

For information on opening hours and mandatory authorizations/permits:

Ente Tutela Patrimonio Ittico (ETPI)

Address: Via S. Quirino, 9 – Pordenone

Tel: 0434 550588

Website: http://www.etpi.fvg.it/

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9-12

Infopoint PromoTurismoFVG Pordenone

Address: Via Mazzini, 2 – Palazzo Badini

Tel: +39 0434 520381

Email: info.pordenone@promoturismofvg.it