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Galleria d’arte moderna Pino Casarini

A tribute to the Italian art of the 20th century.
A substantial exhibition of works by Pino Casarini, extraordinary personality for the Italian art of the 20th century.

The Modern Art Gallery, set in Palazzo Carli, is a permanent exhibition that showcases numerous works by Pino Casarini (Verona 1897-1972), one of the most important Italian fresco painters in the 20th century.

During his long and eclectic artistic life, Casarini stood out as a painter, fresco painter, illustrator, stained glass window maker and sculptor. The Gallery exhibits his vast production, donated to the Parish of Sacile by the artist’s wife after his death.

Most of the collection is visible to the public and consists of a great number of works created between 1926 and 1970: 68 paintings, 150 drafts for the sets of Arena of Verona, 800 drawings and preparatory studies. The artist’s private letters and notes give visitors a glimpse into his public and private life (Parish Archive).

Pino Casarini

His work is a compendium of all the figurative culture that, starting from the 13th century with Giotto, and passing through the achievements of the Renaissance period, has inspired the works of Cezanne, Picasso, the expressionists, neo cubism and informal art. Casarini was also a set designer for the Arena of Verona and his works were often exhibited at Biennale d’Arte in Venice and Quadriennale in Rome. His fresco cycles can be found at the University of Padua (Palazzo del Bo), in Trent in the City Hall, in Bolzano at Palazzo Reale, in Verona at Museo di Castelvecchio, INA palace and other public and private buildings, including the refurbished Hotel Due Torri di Verona, where the main room is decorated with the Tournament of Brandenburg Knights, and the theatre with the Circus theme. Some of his most important sacred art cycles are located in Sacile, Nave, Vittorio Veneto, Cordovado, Vicenza, Agnedo, Venice. He also worked as a stained glass window maker and sculptor, creating the portals of the church in Cordovado (PN) and of the Duomo in Sacile, and a bas-relief for the Aviation Academy in Pozzuoli.