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Canoe itineraries along the river Livenza: the charm of a slow flowing.

A few ideas to visit the city of Sacile and its surroundings on a canoe or kayak.

Sailing on the river Livenza on a canoe means moving across the territory, reliving the ancient communication route to Venice, where goods and people travelled in both directions, when the always active mills of Sacile used the almost constant water flow of the river to attract goods to be processed and the wood travelling to the Arsenale in Venice from the forest of Cansiglio.

The canoe allows to see the city of Sacile and its surroundings with new eyes, discovering a lively, unexpected natural environment which is unknown to most people. This exciting trip combines art, history and nature, reaching the territories of the nearby towns of Brugnera, Fontanafredda, Caneva and Polcenigo.

A canoe is an open, versatile watercraft, with two or more seats, propelled by a single-bladed paddle, similar to the boats used by Northern American indigenous tribes. Canoes are used for tourism, fishing, sports or exploring.

A canoe does not create pollution, waves or damages. It flows silently and does not inconvenience the fauna living above and under the water.

A canoe is perfect not only for sports competitions, but also as a sport for everybody, offering intense emotions and lots of fun both to the elder and the young.

The river Livenza can also be sailed on kayaks, which require specific technical skills according to the difficulty of the trail, or on a Raft (Rafting), for a funny tour in company.



River itinerary

Average time


Sacile: a glimpse from water

Sacile city centre – panoramas of the city and the river

1 km

40 minutes


The tranquil waters of the river Livenza

Fontanafredda (Chiesetta S. Antonio A.) – Sacile city centre

5 km

1 hour


Among the meanders of the river Livenza

Sacile city centre – Cavolano

6,5 km

1 hour

medium – difficult passages

The countryside from the river Livenza

Sacile city centre – Caneva (Fiaschetti hamlet)
Possible with return to Sacile (average time 3.5 hours)

6 km

2 hours


From the city to Villa Varda – on the traces of the noble

Sacile city centre – Villa Varda, Brugnera

15 km

2,5 / 3 hours

medium – difficult passages

Cycling or MTB Riding

For nature and sports lovers, Sacile is the best place to experience amazing itineraries.

The area features particularly beautiful landscapes with river environment characterized by an exceptionally lush and varied flora and by a fauna which has almost disappeared elsewhere.

From Sacile, or in Sacile, many itineraries can be planned: southwards in the countryside with its historical remains, or northwards at the foot of the mountains, with the springs of the river Livenza, boroughs and castles, and the pile dwellings in Palù di Livenza.

The most skilled riders can venture out to the forest of Cansiglio and Friulian Dolomites to enjoy breath-taking panoramas, ancient paths (sometimes paved), sweet slopes and arduous traits, cottages, pastures and woods. These areas, with their natural attractions, offer panoramic views on the plain below, conveying a magic serenity. On clear days, the panorama stretches to the sea.


In Sacile, from and to Sacile: cycling itineraries

Sacile, a bike tour

This tour on two wheels is perfect for anyone wishing to discover Sacile through the sweetness of its river and countryside landscape, the harmonious lines of the Venetian architecture in the city centre and the historic remains along the way.

Description: Sacile, Topaligo, Vistorta, Cavolano, San Giovanni di Livenza, San Giovanni del Tempio and back

Starting point: Piazza del Popolo SACILE

Destination: Piazza del Popolo SACILE

Travelling distance: 24,19 km

Road type: short traits of cycle path, asphalt for the rest of the tour

Traffic: unimportant, apart from some crossroads

Difficulty: flat route

Bike type: city bike, mtb

Along Livenza riverbanks

From the elegant Venetian architectures to the cradle of power in Western Friuli.

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From Portus Naonis to the Garden of the Serenissima

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A tour among the plain and the river Livenza

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Sacile. Walking among nature, art and history.

An itinerary in Sacile’s historical centre is an opportunity to walk among its most ancient boroughs, its monuments of great historical and artistic interest, its natural panoramas created by the river Livenza. This itinerary starts from the train station and will lead visitors through the city’s most characteristic aspects.


Fishing on Livenza

Fishing in Sacile: enjoying nature near the crystal-clear water of the Livenza.

A holiday in Sacile can turn into an opportunity to live a genuine experience, in silent contact with nature in the deep green of the vegetation mirroring in the waters of Livenza.

Born many centuries ago, leisure fishing is an art which has evolved quickly in terms of philosophy, techniques and tools. Originally aimed at survival, today it is always more and more triggered by the desire to plunge in the environment and be part of it, of living in nature by confronting it.

In this regard, the river Livenza has much to offer: its waters are extremely varied, with river bottoms ranging from rocks, to lush vegetation and mud. Sacile also hosts a significant quantity of fish: graylings, various species of trout, chubs, carps, common rudds and eels. Fishing is a fruitful activity in Sacile.

Fishing is regulated by a specific regional body, Ente Tutela Pesca del FVG, and is allowed starting from 7.00 a.m. of the last Sunday of March until the last Sunday of September. Exceptionally, at the dead lake in Cavolano, fishing is allowed all year round, even though limited to specific species. In the city centre, part of the river is a “no kill zone”, where fishing is allowed only with artificial tools.

The activity is subject to an authorization which can be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.


For information on opening hours and mandatory authorizations/permits:

Ente Tutela Pesca del Friuli Venezia Giulia – Regional Body for Fishing Regulations


Tel. +39 0432.551211



Via San Quirino, 9

tel. 0434.550.588

mail: licenze@entetutelapesca.it