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City of Sacile

SACILE, Garden of the Serenissima

“Sacile is one of the most pleasant places in Friuli, it is found on the Livenza river.”

GianFrancesco Palladio degli Olivi, 1660


Sacile, an attractive city in the province of Pordenone, is the westernmost town of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. It is unknown whether its name originates from Saccus (cove) or Sacellum (temple, sacred place). Its main characteristic is that it is a “water town”, since it originated and developed along the banks of one of the most important rivers on Friuli territory, the Livenza.
Gateway city of Friuli and historically important centre of commerce, it now stands out for its tourist aspect linked to its rich history, spectacular landscapes and the architecture of its numerous palazzos, built by noble Venetians during the Renaissance period.
For its fascinating, subtle balance between earth and water, Venetian architecture of the historical centre and breathtaking views on the river Livenza, it has earned the title of “Garden of the Serenissima”.
With a population of approximately 20,000 inhabitants on an area of 32.62km² at just 25m above sea level, it still keeps its appearance of a quiet, peaceful, people-friendly town.