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Grosmi Caffè

High quality, ample range, intense taste and fresh aroma for selective customers who seek the right balance between aroma and flavour in their cup everyday.

Grosmi Caffè was founded in Sacile in 1958 and from the very beginning it started with direct imports of prestigious blends from Central-South America and Africa.

Everything originated in the city centre, were coffee was “roasted on Thursday morning, on the market day, to perfume the air…”. It soon became an important business, making it necessary to look for more room: in 1969, the first warehouse was built and the first dealers were created.

Today, Grosmi Caffè is a family company exporting worldwide, still keeping a strong connection with its city of origin which hosts a direct point of sale. Grosmi imports its coffee from all over the world (Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, India, Java, Uganda, Puerto Rico, Salvador and other Central American countries) and prepares high quality blends to reconcile the natural properties of the various crops with the needs of the Italian taste, more and more finely refined. The conservation of coffee, the machine maintenance, the professionalism of the experts are fundamental to grant product quality: from the first Zenith to gas-run Petroncini, Grosmi always prefers state-of-the-art technologies to preserve its excellence.

Walking into a Grosmi Roasting House means being able to give the cup of coffee a value that is determined not only by taste, but also by the knowledge of the quality and commitment that the company has been offering to its customers for fifty years.

Via Aquileia, 5, 33077 Sacile PN
Telephone: +39 0434 70038