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Visita guidata, promozione culturale
Discover Sacile: “The Garden of the ancient Venetian Republic” and the charm of a canoeing river tour
From 21 May 2023 to 15 October 2023

Discover Sacile, the door to Friuli Venezia region, with its elegant Venetian architecture mirroring on the tranquil, clear water of the river Livenza, making the city famous as “the Garden of the ancient Republic of Venice”.
A tour in the historic centre of Sacile, along the riverbanks, is a possibility to discover the beautiful palaces from the fifteenth and sixteenth century in Piazza del Popolo with its Loggia, the Duomo di San Nicolò, the Chiesetta della Pietà, the sixteenth-century Palazzo Ragazzoni with its magnificently frescoed interiors.
The tour is completed by an unforgettable experience: a river excursion along the Livenza.

Languages: italian or italian/english
Duration: about 2 h
In the event of bad weather, only the river excursion will be cancelled, while the tour will take place with a guide and will last two hours.
Reservation required by 12 am of the previous Friday.

Calendar 2022
Sunday, May 21 at 10.00 am
Sunday, June 25 at 10.00 am
Sunday, July 23 at 10.00 am
Sunday, August 6 at 10.00 am
Sunday, September 17 at 10.00 am
Saturday, October 15 at 10.00 am

Price € 15,00 per person including the river excursion

Reduction / Free
Free for children under 12 with a paying adult.
-50% discount FVGcard holder.

Meeting point Info & Booking
Infopoint IAT Sacile Tourist Information Office, Via Mazzini 11 – Sacile
email: eventi@visitsacile.it tel. +39 0434 737292 www.visitsacile.it

Organized by:

IAT Sacile Tourist Information Office
email: eventi@visitsacile.it
tel. +39 0434 737292