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Music (classical - opera - choir - jazz - modern)
Fazioli Concert Hall: Stasera a Concerto
From 2 November 2023 to 5 April 2024

18th Concert season.

Ten concerts for thirteen artists, including real international stars but also young talents whose name still does not appear on the most famous billboards. In the center, the great repertoire for solo piano, with one fine exception.
“Tonight at Concerto” is the title that characterizes the series, emphasizing the intention to create every episode curiosity and expectation, not only against the protagonists and their musical programs, but also the intrinsic recreational value of an evening at the Fazioli Concert Hall can be charged, in the name of sharing strictly “live”. Each concert will be accompanied by a short presentation, in the form of conversation or introduction-listening guide, by musicologists Roberto Calabretto, Luca Cossettini and Alessandro Tommasi, or in several cases by the same performers.

Subscriptions and tickets from 1st October.
All info on www.fazioli.com/it/concert-hall/ticket office

See in download the detailed program.

Organized by:

Fazioli Concert Hall
Via Ronche 47
Tel. 0434 72576 int. 3
Email: concert@fazioli.com


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