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La Chiocciola

Just 2 km away from Sacile city centre, on the border with the province of Treviso, La Chiocciola is located in a finely refurbished stable and is surrounded by an evocative and peaceful countryside.

The building houses comfortable, nicely furnished rooms with ensuite bathroom, shower, air conditioning, TV and free Wi-Fi.

A multi-purpose room with a terrace is available for guests wishing to celebrate special occasions at any time of the year: parties, birthdays, celebrations and much more.

Breakfast is prepared with natural, fresh and healthy ingredients which are selected and prepared with care.

Near the farmhouse, a beautiful countryside is crossed by many paths and hosts autochthonous fauna.

La Chiocciola also breeds Helix Aspersa Muller snails. They are produced on open fields, in a natural organic cycle with vegetal nutrition. The snails are sold under the mark of origin “ITALIAN SNAILS”, alive and clean, or packed in cans, ready for use.

Outdoor unattended car park is available; animals are allowed.

Viale Trento, 94/B
Telefono: +39 0434 781984
Fax: +39 0434 781984